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Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition

Edited by: Gary E. Wnek , Gary L. Bowlin , James Anderson , Deon Bezuidenhout , Rena Bizios , Larry L. Hench , Allan S. Hoffman , Yoshito Ikada , Robert Langer , Gerald E. Miller , Arnauld Nicogossian , Nikolaos Peppas , Christine E. Schmidt , Jerome S. Schultz , V. Prasad Shastri , Debra Trantolo , Rachel L. Williams , Nicholas Ziats

Print publication date:  May  2008
Online publication date:  May  2008

Print ISBN: 9781420078022
eBook ISBN: 9781498761437
Adobe ISBN:

 Cite  Marc Record

Book description

Written by more than 400 subject experts representing diverse academic and applied domains, this multidisciplinary resource surveys the vanguard of biomaterials and biomedical engineering technologies utilizing biomaterials that lead to quality-of-life improvements. Building on traditional engineering principles, it serves to bridge advances in materials science, life sciences, nanotechnology, and cell biology to innovations in solving medical problems with applications in tissue engineering, prosthetics, drug delivery, biosensors, and medical devices.

In nearly 300 entries, this four-volume Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition covers:

  • essential topics integral to tissue engineering research: bioreactors, scaffolding materials and fabrication, tissue mechanics, cellular interaction, and development of major tissues and organs being attempted by researchers worldwide
  • artificial lungs and muscles, bio-artificial livers, and corneal, dental, inner ear, and total hip implants
  • tissue engineering of blood vessels, heart valves, ligaments, microvascular networks, skeletal muscle, and skin
  • bone remodeling, bone cement, and bioabsorbable bone plates and screws
  • controlled drug delivery, insulin delivery, and transdermal and ocular implant-based drug delivery
  • endovascular stent grafts, vascular grafts, and xenografts
  • 3-D medical imaging, electrical impedance imaging, and intravascular ultrasound
  • biomedical, protein adsorption, and in vivo cardiovascular modeling
  • polymer foams, biofunctional and conductive polymers, and electroactive polymeric materials
  • blood?material interactions, the bone?implant interface, host reactions, and foreign body responses
  • and much more

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Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Excitable Tissue, Electrical Stimulation Of Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Eye Tracking: Characteristics And Methods Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Eye Tracking: Research Areas And Applications Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Fabrics Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Fiber Optic Biosensors Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Fibrin Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Fibrin Sealants Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Artificial Muscles Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Finite Element Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Flow Cytometry Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Foreign Body Response Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Functional MRI: Applications Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Gait Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Gene-Activated Matrix Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Gene Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Glucose-Responsive Hydrogels Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Glucose Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Glues Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Glycosaminoglycans and Proteoglycans Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Artificial Neural Networks: An Overview Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Composites Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Gradient Surfaces: Preparation, Characterization, and Interactions with Biological Species Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Hard Tissue: Biomaterial Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Hard Tissue Elastic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Healing of Bone and Connective Tissues Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Hearing Aids Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Hearing Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Heart Biomechanics Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Heart Valve, Bioprosthetic Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Heart Valve Failure, Bioprosthetic Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Heart Valve Mechanics Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Heart Valves, Mechanical Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Assays Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Bioactive Glass Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Hemocompatible Materials Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Hemodynamics, Macrocirculatory Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Heparin Binding to Improve Biocompatibility Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Hip Biomechanics Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Hip Joint: Overuse Injuries Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Histogenesis Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Host Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Hyaluronan Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Bioactive Materials and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Hybrid Vascular Prostheses Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Hydrogels Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Hydroxyapatite Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Hydroxyapatite Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Implant, Total Hip Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Bioadhesion Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Biocatalysis Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Magnetic and Electrophoretic Cell Separation Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Biocompatibility Testing Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Magnetic Nanoparticles: Structure and Bioapplications Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Temperature Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Magnetic Resonance Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Mass Transfer in Tissue Function: Roles Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Matrix Metalloproteinases Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Mechanical Circulatory Support Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Mechano-Regulation of Fibroblast Function Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Medical Imaging, 3-D Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Biocomposites Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Alumina Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Medical Robotics Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Melt Spinning Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Metallic Orthopedic Devices: Failure Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Microcirculatory Oxygen Transport Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Microcomputed Tomography and its Applications Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Manufacturing Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry in Biomedical Applications Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Microporous Materials Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Modeling, Biomedical Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Nanoscale Neurosurgery Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Nerve Guides Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Neuroprostheses Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Neutrophil-Biomaterial Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Nickel And Nickel Alloys Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Orthodontic Wires Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Nitric Oxide Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Biodegradable Polymers: An Overview Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Orthopedic Fixation Devices Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Ocular Implants Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Ocular Implants For Drug Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Optical Coherence Tomography Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Adhesives Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Optical Detection of Cancers Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Optical Mapping Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Optics, Biomedical Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Organic and Inorganic Matrices Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Orthopedic Biomaterials Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Biofilms Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Osteoclastic Bone Resorption Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Osteogenic Progenitor Cells Of Bone Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Osteoinductive Substances And Materials Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Particulate Matter and Host Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration: Historical Perspective Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Biofunctional Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Polyepoxy Compound Fixation Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Biologic and Synthetic Apatites Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Biological Adhesives from Nature Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Silicones Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Silks Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Small Angle Light Scattering Methods For Soft Connective Tissue Structural Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Spine Biomechanics Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Stem Cells Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Stent Grafts, Endovascular Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Stents Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Sterilization of Biomedical Materials Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Stress Fractures Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Supercritical Fluid Processing Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Surface Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Surface Modification Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Surface Topography and Cell Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Sutures Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Telemedicine Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Tendons and Ligaments, Mechanical Testing Of Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Thrombosis Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Tinnitus Devices Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Tissue Engineering: AC Electrokinetics Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Biomaterials Immune Response Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Tissue Engineering of Bladder Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessel Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Tissue Engineering of Bone Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Tissue Engineering of Bone Marrow Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Tissue Engineering of Bone Marrow, Culture Systems Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Tissue Engineering of Breast Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Tissue Engineering of Cardiac Muscle Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Tissue Engineering of Cartilage Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Angiogenesis Inhibitors Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Tissue Engineering of Cornea Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Biomaterials: Protein–Surface Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Tissue Engineering of the Esophagus Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Tissue Engineering, Fat Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Tissue Engineering of Heart Valves Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Tissue Engineering of the Intestine Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Tissue Engineering of Ligament Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Tissue Engineering of Liver Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Tissue Engineering, Microscale Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Tissue Engineering of Microvascular Networks Download PDF
Chapter  145:  Tissue Engineering of Pancreas Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Tissue Engineering of Peripheral Nerve Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Tissue Engineering of Rotator Cuff Tendons Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Biomedical Ethics Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Biomimetic Materials Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Biopotential Amplifiers Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Bioreactors Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Biorubber/Poly(Glycerol Sebacate) Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Biosensors Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Animal Models for Bone Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Biosynthesis and Applications of Alginates Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP) Bioceramics: Chemical, Physical, and Biological Properties Download PDF
Chapter  157:  Blood Material Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Blood Purification Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Blood Vessel Mechanics Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Bone Cement Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Bone Fracture Fixation Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Bone Implant Interface Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Bone Plates And Screws, Bioabsorbable Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Bone Remodeling Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Burn Dressing Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Calcium Phosphate Ceramics: New Generation Produced in Japan Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Cardiac Assist Devices Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Cardiac Bioelectricity Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Cardiac Catheters Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Cardiac Elastography, Full-Field Development Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Cardiac Output, Basic Measurement Principles Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Animal Surrogate Systems for Toxicity Testing Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Phosphorylcholine (PC) Technology Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Photopolymerization Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Piezoelectric Materials Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Plasma Modification of Materials Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Poly(Carbonate)Urethanes Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Polyamides (Synthetic and Natural) Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Polycaprolactone Download PDF
Chapter  180:  Cardiac Pacemaker Download PDF
Chapter  181:  Cardiac Patch Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Cartilage Regeneration Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Cell Culture Assays Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Cell-Material Interaction Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Centrifugal Blood Pumps Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Ceramics Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Ceramics in Dentistry Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Chitosan Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Chondroitin Sulfates Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Antimicrobial Antibiotic Infection Resistance Materials Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Collagen Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Collagen Fixation Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Collagen Processing Download PDF
Chapter  194:  Compression of Digital Biomedical Signals Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Computer-Assisted Surgery Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Conductive Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Confocal Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Contact Lenses: Silicone Hydrogels Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Antimineralization Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Control of Movement Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Controlled Release Download PDF
Chapter  202:  Corneal Implants Download PDF
Chapter  203:  Corrosion Download PDF
Chapter  204:  Cryopreservation of Living Cells Download PDF
Chapter  205:  Defibrillators Download PDF
Chapter  206:  Degradable Polymer Composites Download PDF
Chapter  207:  Dendrimers for Drug Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  208:  Dental Biomechanics Download PDF
Chapter  209:  Dental Implants Download PDF
Chapter  210:  Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbons Download PDF
Chapter  211:  Dielectric Properties of Tissues Download PDF
Chapter  212:  Digital Biomedical Signal Acquisition and Processing: Basic Topics Download PDF
Chapter  213:  Digital Biomedical Signal Processing: Advanced Topics Download PDF
Chapter  214:  Distal Protection Devices Download PDF
Chapter  215:  Drug Delivery, Controlled Download PDF
Chapter  216:  Elastin Download PDF
Chapter  217:  Elastomers, Biodegradable Download PDF
Chapter  218:  Allografts Download PDF
Chapter  219:  Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  220:  Electrical Impedance Imaging Download PDF
Chapter  221:  Electroactive Polymeric Materials Download PDF
Chapter  222:  Electrocardiography Download PDF
Chapter  223:  Electrogastrography Download PDF
Chapter  224:  Articular Cartilage Biomechanics Download PDF
Chapter  225:  Electromyography Download PDF
Chapter  226:  Artificial Heart Fluid Dynamics: Positive Displacement Pumps Download PDF
Chapter  227:  Electron Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  228:  Electrospinning Download PDF
Chapter  229:  Endoscopy Download PDF
Chapter  230:  Ergonomics Download PDF
Chapter  231:  Implanted Medical Devices, Power Sources For Download PDF
Chapter  232:  In Vivo Cardiovascular Models Download PDF
Chapter  233:  Infection Of Medical Devices Download PDF
Chapter  234:  Inner Ear Implants Download PDF
Chapter  235:  Insulin Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  236:  Integrins Download PDF
Chapter  237:  Intellectual Property Management Download PDF
Chapter  238:  Interpenetrating Polymeric Networks Download PDF
Chapter  239:  Intravascular Ultrasound Download PDF
Chapter  240:  Kidneys, Artificial Download PDF
Chapter  241:  Knee Joint Replacement Download PDF
Chapter  242:  Knee Joint: Overuse Injuries Download PDF
Chapter  243:  Laboratory Animals: Ethics and Regulations for Care and Use Download PDF
Chapter  244:  Laser Transmyocardial Revascularization Download PDF
Chapter  245:  Laser-Tissue Interaction Download PDF
Chapter  246:  Ligament Repair: Animal Models Download PDF
Chapter  247:  Liver, Bio Artificial Download PDF
Chapter  248:  Lung Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  249:  Lung, Artificial: Basic Principles And Current Applications Download PDF
Chapter  250:  Lung, Artificial: Current Research And Future Directions Download PDF
Chapter  251:  Poly (Glycolic Acid) Download PDF
Chapter  252:  Poly Lactic Acids Download PDF
Chapter  253:  Polylactic-Co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) Download PDF
Chapter  254:  Polymer Foams Download PDF
Chapter  255:  Polymers Download PDF
Chapter  256:  Polymers Used in Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  257:  Polytetrafluoroethylene Download PDF
Chapter  258:  Polyurethane Biomaterials Download PDF
Chapter  259:  Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Download PDF
Chapter  260:  Protein Adsorption Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  261:  Protein Delivery Systems Download PDF
Chapter  262:  Protein and Cell Signaling with Biomaterials: Influence of Surfactants Download PDF
Chapter  263:  Protein and Cell Signaling with Biomaterials: Interfacial Transport Download PDF
Chapter  264:  Pyrolytic Carbon Download PDF
Chapter  265:  Rapid Prototyping Download PDF
Chapter  266:  Real Time Tomographic Reflection Download PDF
Chapter  267:  Reconstructive Biomaterials Download PDF
Chapter  268:  Rotary Cell Culture Systems Download PDF
Chapter  269:  Self Assembled Monolayers Download PDF
Chapter  270:  Shape Memory Metals Download PDF
Chapter  271:  Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Download PDF
Chapter  272:  Tissue Engineering of Skeletal Muscle Download PDF
Chapter  273:  Tissue Engineering of Skin Download PDF
Chapter  274:  Tissue Engineering of Tendons Download PDF
Chapter  275:  Tissue Engineering of the Small Intestine Download PDF
Chapter  276:  Titanium and Its Alloys Download PDF
Chapter  277:  Transdermal Drug Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  278:  Transgenic and Gene-Targeted Organs Download PDF
Chapter  279:  Transparent Ceramics: Bioactive Materials and Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  280:  Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Download PDF
Chapter  281:  Ultrasound Doppler Download PDF
Chapter  282:  Ultrasound Therapy, Bone Healing Download PDF
Chapter  283:  Ultrasound and Tissue Interaction Download PDF
Chapter  284:  Urinary Prostheses Download PDF
Chapter  285:  Vascular Fluid Dynamics Download PDF
Chapter  286:  Vascular Grafts Download PDF
Chapter  287:  Vascular Grafts: Development Strategies Download PDF
Chapter  288:  Vascular Grafts: Host Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  289:  Vascular Imaging Download PDF
Chapter  290:  Vascular Tissue Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  291:  Vascularization of Engineered Constructs Download PDF
Chapter  292:  Vitrification Download PDF
Chapter  293:  Wear Debris Download PDF
Chapter  294:  Wear Debris from Joint Arthroplasties, Biological Effects Of Download PDF
Chapter  295:  Wear Debris, Bone Resorption Animal Models Download PDF
Chapter  296:  Wheeled Mobility: Wheelchairs and Personal Transportation Download PDF
Chapter  297:  Xenografts Download PDF
Chapter  298:  Zirconia Ceramics Download PDF
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