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Encyclopedia of Information Assurance

Edited by: Rebecca Herold , Marcus K Rogers

Print publication date:  December  2010
Online publication date:  December  2010

Print ISBN: 9781420066203
eBook ISBN: 9781351235808
Adobe ISBN:

 Cite  Marc Record

Book description

Charged with ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and delivery of all forms of an entity's information, Information Assurance (IA) professionals require a fundamental understanding of a wide range of specializations, including digital forensics, fraud examination, systems engineering, security risk management, privacy, and compliance. Establishing this understanding and keeping it up to date requires a resource with coverage as diverse as the field it covers.

Filling this need, the Encyclopedia of Information Assurance presents an up-to-date collection of peer-reviewed articles and references written by authorities in their fields. From risk management and privacy to auditing and compliance, the encyclopedia's four volumes provide comprehensive coverage of the key topics related to information assurance. This complete IA resource:

  • Supplies the understanding needed to help prevent the misuse of sensitive information
  • Explains how to maintain the integrity of critical systems
  • Details effective tools, techniques, and methods for protecting personal and corporate data against the latest threats
  • Provides valuable examples, case studies, and discussions on how to address common and emerging IA challenges

Placing the wisdom of leading researchers and practitioners at your fingertips, this authoritative reference provides the knowledge and insight needed to avoid common pitfalls and stay one step ahead of evolving threats.

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Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Quantum Cryptography Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Access Controls: PKI-Based Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Accountability Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Adaptable Protocol Framework Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Applets: Network Security Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Application Layer Security Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Application Layer Security: Network Protocols Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Application Security Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Application Security: World Wide Web Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Application Service Providers: Information Assurance Considerations Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Application Service Providers: Secure Relationships Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Application Systems Development Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Applications: Auditing Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Architecture: Biological Cells Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Architecture: Firewalls Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Architecture: Models Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Architecture: Secure Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intrusion Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): Integrity and Security Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Auditing: Self-Hacking Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Awareness and Training Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Awareness and Training: Appendices Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Awareness and Training: Briefing for the End User Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Awareness and Training: Effective Methods Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Awareness and Training: Framework Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Awareness and Training: Motivational and Psychological Factors Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Awareness and Training: Program Elements Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Bally v. Faber Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Biometrics: Identification Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Biometrics: New Methods Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Bluesnarfing Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Broadband Internet Access Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Buffer Overflows: Attacks Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Buffer Overflows: Stack-Based Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Business Continuity Management: Maintenance Processes Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Business Continuity Management: Metrics Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Business Continuity Management: Priorities Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Business Continuity Management: Testing Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Business Continuity Management: Testing, Maintenance, Training, and Awareness Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Business Continuity Planning Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Business Continuity Planning: Best Practices and Program Maturity Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Business Continuity Planning: Case Study Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Business Continuity Planning: Collaborative Approach Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Business Continuity Planning: Distributed Environment Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Business Continuity Planning: Enterprise Risk Management Structure Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Business Continuity Planning: Evolution in Response to Major News Events Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Business Continuity Planning: Process Reengineering Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Business Continuity Planning: Restoration Component Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Business Continuity Planning: Strategy Selection Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Business Impact Analysis: Business Process Mapping Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Business Impact Analysis: Process Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Business Partnerships: Validation Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Capability Maturity Model Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Career Management Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Centralized Authentication Services Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Certification and Accreditation: Methodology Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Certification Testing Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Common Criteria Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Common Criteria: IT Security Evaluation Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Communication Protocols and Services Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Compliance Assurance Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Computer Abuse Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Computer Crime Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Computer Crime: Investigations Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Configuration Management Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Configuration Management: Process Stages Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Controls: CISSP and Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Cookies and Web Bugs Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Corporate Governance Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Corporate Security: IT Organization Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Covert Channels Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Covert Channels: Analysis and Recommendations Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Crime Prevention: Environmental Design Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Critical Business Functions Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Cryptography Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Cryptography: Auditing Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Cryptography: Cryptosystems Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Cryptography: Elliptic Curve Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Cryptography: Encryption and Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Cryptography: Key Management: Functions and Principles Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Cryptography: Key Management: History and Myths Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Cryptography: Quantum Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Cryptography: Transitions Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Cybercrime: Council of Europe Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Cybercrime: Response, Investigation, and Prosecution Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Cyber-Risk Management: Enterprise-Level Security Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Data Access Controls: Sensitive or Critical Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Data at Rest Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Data Centers: Security Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Data Centers: Site Selection and Facility Design Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Data Sanitization: SQL Injection Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Data Warehouses: Datamarts and Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Data Warehouses: Security and Privacy Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Database Integrity Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Defense in Depth: Network, Systems, and Applications Controls Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Denial-of-Service Attacks Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Digital Crime Scene Analysis (DCSA) Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Digital Forensics and E-Discovery Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Directory Security Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Distributed Computing: Grid Environment Download PDF
Chapter  105:  DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Domain Name Service (DNS) Attacks Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Downsizing: Maintaining Information Security Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Due Care: Minimum Security Standards Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Electronic Commerce: Auditing Download PDF
Chapter  110:  E-Mail and Data Communications: Dial-In Hazards Download PDF
Chapter  111:  E-Mail Retention Policy: Legal Requirements Download PDF
Chapter  112:  E-Mail: Pretty Good Privacy Download PDF
Chapter  113:  E-Mail: Security Download PDF
Chapter  114:  E-Mail: Spam Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Enclaves: Enterprise as Extranet Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Encryption Key Management Download PDF
Chapter  117:  End Node Security and Network Access Management Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Enterprise Information Assurance: Framework Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Enterprise Information Assurance: Key Components Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Enterprise Information Security: Architectural Design and Deployment Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Enterprise Security Capability: Common Models Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Enterprise Security Information Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Espionage: Counter-Economic Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Ethics Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Ethics: Internet Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Event Management Download PDF
Chapter  127:  External Networks: Secured Connections Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Extranet Access Control Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Fax Machines Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Firewall Architectures Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Firewall Architectures: Other Issues Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Firewall Architectures: Platforms Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Firewall Architectures: Viruses and Worms Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Firewall Technologies: Comparison Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Firewalls: Checkpoint Security Review Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Firewalls: Internet Security Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Forensics Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Forensics and Legal Proceedings Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Forensics: Computer Crime Investigation Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Forensics: Non-Liturgical Examinations Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Forensics: Operational Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Forensics: Rules of Evidence Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Format String Vulnerabilities Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Fraud: Employee Identification Download PDF
Chapter  145:  FTP: Secured Data Transfers Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Global Transmissions: Jurisdictional Issues Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Hackers: Attacks and Defenses Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Hackers: Hiring Ex-Criminal Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Hackers: Tools and Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Halon Fire Suppression Systems Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Hash Algorithms Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): Requirements Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): Security Readiness Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): Security Requirements Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Healthcare Industry Download PDF
Chapter  157:  High-Tech Trade Secrets Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Honeypots and Honeynets Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Host-Based Firewalls: Case Study Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Human Resources: Issues Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Identity Management Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Identity Management Systems: Components Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Identity Theft Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Identity-Based Self-Defending Network: 5W Network Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Incident Response: Evidence Handling Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Incident Response: Exercises Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Incident Response: Management Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Incident Response: Managing Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Incident Response: Privacy Breaches Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Information Classification Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Information Flow Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Information Flow: Emerging and Potential Techniques and Covert Channels Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Information Flow: Selecting Countermeasures Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Information Protection Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Information Security Basics: Effective Practices Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Information Security Controls: Types Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Information Security Governance: Basic Corporate Organization Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Information Security Governance: Corporate Organization, Frameworks, and Reporting Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs) Download PDF
Chapter  180:  Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs): Risk Diagnosis and Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  181:  Information Security Management: Purpose Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Information Security Policies Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Information Systems Security Officer: Roles and Responsibilities Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Information Warfare Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Information Warfare: Tactics Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Insider Threats Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Insider Threats: System and Application Weaknesses Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Inspection Technologies: Deep Packets Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Instant Messaging Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Integrated Threat Management Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Intelligent Agents: Network Security Download PDF
Chapter  194:  International Issues Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Internet Mobile Code Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Internet Security Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Accountability Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Intranets: Risk Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs): Implementation Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Intrusion Prevention Systems Download PDF
Chapter  202:  IP Security Protocol Working Group (IPSec) Download PDF
Chapter  203:  IPv6: Expanding Internet Support Download PDF
Chapter  204:  ISO Standards and Certification Download PDF
Chapter  205:  IT Governance Institute (ITGI) Download PDF
Chapter  206:  Java Download PDF
Chapter  207:  Kerberos™ Download PDF
Chapter  208:  Kerberos™: Management Download PDF
Chapter  209:  Kerberos™: Ongoing Development Download PDF
Chapter  210:  Kerberos™: Services and Functions Download PDF
Chapter  211:  LAN/WAN Security Download PDF
Chapter  212:  Laws and Regulations: e-Discovery Download PDF
Chapter  213:  Malicious Code Download PDF
Chapter  214:  Malicious Code: Fast-Scanning Worms Download PDF
Chapter  215:  Malicious Code: Organized Crime Download PDF
Chapter  216:  Malicious Code: Quasi-Intelligence Download PDF
Chapter  217:  Malicious Code: Rootkits Download PDF
Chapter  218:  Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) Download PDF
Chapter  219:  Management Commitment Download PDF
Chapter  220:  Management Commitment: Security Councils Download PDF
Chapter  221:  Management Compliance: Confidential Information Download PDF
Chapter  222:  Management Support of IT: Survey Download PDF
Chapter  223:  Mashups and Composite Applications Download PDF
Chapter  224:  Mergers and Acquisitions Download PDF
Chapter  225:  Message Digests Download PDF
Chapter  226:  Mobile Data Security Download PDF
Chapter  227:  NERC Corporation: Compliance Download PDF
Chapter  228:  Network and Telecommunications: Media Download PDF
Chapter  229:  Network Content Filtering and Leak Prevention Download PDF
Chapter  230:  Network Layer Security Download PDF
Chapter  231:  Network Router Security Download PDF
Chapter  232:  Network Security Download PDF
Chapter  233:  Network Security: Trapping Intruders Download PDF
Chapter  234:  Network Technologies Download PDF
Chapter  235:  Neural Networks and Information Assurance Uses Download PDF
Chapter  236:  Next-Generation Security Application Development Download PDF
Chapter  237:  Object-Based Applications: Testing Download PDF
Chapter  238:  Object-Oriented Databases: Security Models Download PDF
Chapter  239:  Object-Oriented Programming Download PDF
Chapter  240:  Offshore Development Download PDF
Chapter  241:  Open Source Download PDF
Chapter  242:  Open Standards Download PDF
Chapter  243:  Operations Security: Abuses Download PDF
Chapter  244:  Operations Security: Controls Download PDF
Chapter  245:  Operations Security: Support and Control Download PDF
Chapter  246:  Organization Culture Download PDF
Chapter  247:  Outsourcing Download PDF
Chapter  248:  Ownership and Custody of Data Download PDF
Chapter  249:  Packet Sniffers Download PDF
Chapter  250:  Passwords and Policy Threat Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  251:  Patch Management Download PDF
Chapter  252:  Patch Management: Process Download PDF
Chapter  253:  PBX Firewalls Download PDF
Chapter  254:  Penetration Testing Download PDF
Chapter  255:  Penetration Testing: Policies Download PDF
Chapter  256:  PeopleSoft Security Download PDF
Chapter  257:  Perimeter Security Download PDF
Chapter  258:  Personal Accountability: Corporate Information Security Policy Download PDF
Chapter  259:  Personnel: Practices Download PDF
Chapter  260:  Personnel: Security Roles Download PDF
Chapter  261:  Personnel: Security Screening Download PDF
Chapter  262:  Phishing Download PDF
Chapter  263:  Physical Access Control Download PDF
Chapter  264:  Physical Layer Security: Networks Download PDF
Chapter  265:  Physical Layer Security: Wired and Wireless Connections Download PDF
Chapter  266:  Physical Security Download PDF
Chapter  267:  Physical Security: Controlled Access and Layered Defense Download PDF
Chapter  268:  Physical Security: Facilities Download PDF
Chapter  269:  Physical Security: Mantraps and Turnstiles Download PDF
Chapter  270:  Physical Security: Melding with Information Systems Security Download PDF
Chapter  271:  Physical Security: Mission-Critical Facilities and Data Centers Download PDF
Chapter  272:  Physical Security: Threat after September 11th, 2001 Download PDF
Chapter  273:  Planning for the Future: Challenges Download PDF
Chapter  274:  Pod Slurping: Concepts Download PDF
Chapter  275:  Pod-Slurping: Other Vulnerabilities Download PDF
Chapter  276:  Policy Development: Needs Download PDF
Chapter  277:  Portable Computing Environments Download PDF
Chapter  278:  Privacy Breaches: Policies, Procedures, and Notification Download PDF
Chapter  279:  Privacy Governance: Effective Methods Download PDF
Chapter  280:  Privacy: Healthcare Industry Download PDF
Chapter  281:  Privacy: Legal Issues Download PDF
Chapter  282:  Privacy: Policy Formation Download PDF
Chapter  283:  Proxy Servers Download PDF
Chapter  284:  Public Key Hierarchy Download PDF
Chapter  285:  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Download PDF
Chapter  286:  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): E-Business Download PDF
Chapter  287:  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): Registration Download PDF
Chapter  288:  Quantum Computing Download PDF
Chapter  289:  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Download PDF
Chapter  290:  RADIUS: Access Control Download PDF
Chapter  291:  Reduced Sign-On Download PDF
Chapter  292:  Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID) Download PDF
Chapter  293:  Relational Database Access Controls: SQL Download PDF
Chapter  294:  Relational Database Security Download PDF
Chapter  295:  Remote Access: Secure Download PDF
Chapter  296:  Return on Investment (ROI) Download PDF
Chapter  297:  Risk Analysis and Assessment: Risk Assessment Tasks Download PDF
Chapter  298:  Risk Analysis and Assessment: Risk Management Tasks Download PDF
Chapter  299:  Risk Analysis and Assessment: Terms and Definitions Download PDF
Chapter  300:  Risk Assessment Download PDF
Chapter  301:  Risk Management Download PDF
Chapter  302:  Risk Management and Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  303:  Risk Management Model: Technology Convergence Download PDF
Chapter  304:  Risk Management: Enterprise Download PDF
Chapter  305:  Risk Management: Trends Download PDF
Chapter  306:  Role-Based Access Control Download PDF
Chapter  307:  Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) Download PDF
Chapter  308:  Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX): Compliance Download PDF
Chapter  309:  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Download PDF
Chapter  310:  Security Breaches: Reporting Download PDF
Chapter  311:  Security Controls: Dial-Up Download PDF
Chapter  312:  Security Development Lifecycle Download PDF
Chapter  313:  Security Incident Response Download PDF
Chapter  314:  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Download PDF
Chapter  315:  Security Information Management: Myths and Facts Download PDF
Chapter  316:  Security Management Program: Prioritization Download PDF
Chapter  317:  Security Management Team Organization Download PDF
Chapter  318:  Security Policy Development and Distribution: Web-Based Download PDF
Chapter  319:  Security Policy Lifecycle: Functions and Responsibilities Download PDF
Chapter  320:  Security Risk: Goals Assessment Download PDF
Chapter  321:  Security Teams: Effective Methods Download PDF
Chapter  322:  Security Test and Evaluation Download PDF
Chapter  323:  Server Security Policies Download PDF
Chapter  324:  Service Level Agreements Download PDF
Chapter  325:  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Download PDF
Chapter  326:  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Download PDF
Chapter  327:  Single Sign-On: Enterprise Download PDF
Chapter  328:  Smartcards Download PDF
Chapter  329:  Social Engineering: Mitigation Download PDF
Chapter  330:  Software Development Lifecycles: Security Assessments Download PDF
Chapter  331:  Software Piracy Download PDF
Chapter  332:  Sploits Download PDF
Chapter  333:  Spoofing and Denial of Service Attacks Download PDF
Chapter  334:  Spyware Download PDF
Chapter  335:  Spyware: Ethical and Legal Concerns Download PDF
Chapter  336:  Standards Download PDF
Chapter  337:  State of Washington v. Heckel Download PDF
Chapter  338:  Steganography Download PDF
Chapter  339:  Steganography: Detection Download PDF
Chapter  340:  Storage Area Networks Download PDF
Chapter  341:  Surveillance: Closed-Circuit Television and Video Download PDF
Chapter  342:  System Design Flaws Download PDF
Chapter  343:  System Development Security: Methodology Download PDF
Chapter  344:  Systems Development: Object-Oriented Security Model Download PDF
Chapter  345:  Systems Integrity Engineering: Distributed Processing Concepts and Corresponding Security-Relevant Issues Download PDF
Chapter  346:  Systems Integrity Engineering: Interoperable Risk Accountability Concepts Download PDF
Chapter  347:  Systems Integrity Engineering: Methodology and Motivational Business Values and Issues Download PDF
Chapter  348:  Systems Management: Third-Party Applications and Systems Download PDF
Chapter  349:  Tape Backups: Validation Download PDF
Chapter  350:  Technology Convergence: People, Process and Technology Download PDF
Chapter  351:  Technology Convergence: Security Download PDF
Chapter  352:  Telephony Systems: Auditing Download PDF
Chapter  353:  Tokens: Authentication Download PDF
Chapter  354:  Tokens: Evaluation Download PDF
Chapter  355:  Tokens: Role and Authentication Download PDF
Chapter  356:  Transformation: Department-Level Download PDF
Chapter  357:  Transport Layer Security (TLS) Download PDF
Chapter  358:  Uniform Resource Locators (URLs): Obscuring Download PDF
Chapter  359:  UNIX Security Download PDF
Chapter  360:  Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Systems Download PDF
Chapter  361:  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Download PDF
Chapter  362:  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Deployment and Evaluation Strategy Download PDF
Chapter  363:  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Leverage Download PDF
Chapter  364:  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Perspectives Download PDF
Chapter  365:  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Remote Access Download PDF
Chapter  366:  Virtualization and Digital Investigations Download PDF
Chapter  367:  Voice Communications: Voice-over-Internet (VoI) Download PDF
Chapter  368:  Voice Communications: Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Protocols Download PDF
Chapter  369:  Voice Communications: Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Security Download PDF
Chapter  370:  Voice over WLAN Download PDF
Chapter  371:  Voice Security Download PDF
Chapter  372:  Web Applications: Firewalls Download PDF
Chapter  373:  Web Applications: Security Download PDF
Chapter  374:  Web Services Download PDF
Chapter  375:  Wireless Internet Security: Portable Internet Devices Download PDF
Chapter  376:  Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) Download PDF
Chapter  377:  Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs): Challenges Download PDF
Chapter  378:  Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs): Security Download PDF
Chapter  379:  Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs): Vulnerabilities Download PDF
Chapter  380:  Wireless Penetration Testing Download PDF
Chapter  381:  Workplace Violence Download PDF
Chapter  382:  World Wide Web Download PDF
Chapter  383:  XML Download PDF
Chapter  384:  XML and Other Metadata Languages Download PDF
Chapter  385:  Binary Gravitational Search Algorithm (BGSA): Improved Efficiency Download PDF
Chapter  386:  Information Lifecycle: Approach to Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management Download PDF
Chapter  387:  Principle of Least Privilege (PLP): Implementation Download PDF
Chapter  388:  Chaos-Based Cryptosystems: Optimized Neural Network Models Download PDF
Chapter  389:  Virtual Team Management: Perspective and Guidelines Download PDF
Chapter  390:  Artificial Neural Network Models for Intrusion Detection Download PDF
Chapter  391:  Access Controls: Implementation Download PDF
Chapter  392:  Chaotic-Based Communication Systems Download PDF
Chapter  393:  Fuzzy Models for Intrusion Detection Download PDF
Chapter  394:  Cryptographic Hash Functions Download PDF
Chapter  395:  Authentication Methods Download PDF
Index1 Download PDF
Prelims4 Download PDF
Prelims3 Download PDF
Prelims1 Download PDF
Index2 Download PDF
Index4 Download PDF
Index3 Download PDF
Prelims2 Download PDF
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