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Encyclopedia of Plasma Technology

Edited by: J. Leon Shohet

Print publication date:  December  2016
Online publication date:  December  2016

Print ISBN: 9781466500594
eBook ISBN: 9781351204958
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Technical plasmas have a wide range of industrial applications. The Encyclopedia of Plasma Technology covers all aspects of plasma technology from the fundamentals to a range of applications across a large number of industries and disciplines. Topics covered include nanotechnology, solar cell technology, biomedical and clinical applications, electronic materials, sustainability, and clean technologies. The book bridges materials science, industrial chemistry, physics, and engineering, making it a must have for researchers in industry and academia, as well as those working on application-oriented plasma technologies. Also Available Online: This Taylor and Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for researchers, students, and librarians, including: Citation tracking and alerts; Active reference linking; Saved searches and marked lists; HTML and PDF format options Contact Taylor and Francis for more information or to inquire about subscription options and print/online combination packages. US: (Tel) 1.888.318.2367; (E-mail) [email protected] International: (Tel) +44 (0) 20 7017 6062; (E-mail) [email protected]>

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Acrylates and Methacrylates: Radical Polymerization Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Amine Monomers: Plasma and Ultraviolet Polymerization Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Antimicrobial Biomedical Materials: Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Arc Discharges: Electrode Configuration for Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Arc Welding Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Arc-Heated Wind Tunnels Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Apple Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Free-Radical Movements in Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Low-Temperature Processes Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Polymerization Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Uniform Glow Discharge Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Atomic Layer Etching Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Atomic Layer Etching: Directional Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Atomic Layer Re-Deposition for Nanoscale Devices Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Beam Plasmas: Materials Production Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Biology: Low-Temperature Plasmas in Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Biotechnology: Plasmas in Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Blood Coagulation: Plasma Torch Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Boron Trichloride Dry Etching Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Cancer Therapy: Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Capacitively Coupled Plasmas: Electromagnetic Effects Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Carbon-Shunting Arc Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  23:  CARS Diagnostics: High-Pressure Nonequilibrium Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Cell Culture: Polymerization of PMMA for Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Cellulose-Based Materials: Plasma Modification Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Coal Combustion: Plasma-Assisted Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: Technology Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Combinatorial Plasma Polymerization: Carbon-Based Films Download PDF
Chapter  29:  DC Arc Plasma Torch with Nanocarbon-Coated Electrodes Download PDF
Chapter  30:  DC Plasma: Powder Metallurgy Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Dental Implants: Plasma Polymerization for Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Die Singulation Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Biomaterials Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Combustion Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Compact Repetitive Unipolar Nanosecond-Pulse Generators Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Meat Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Dispenser Hollow Cathode Discharges Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Dusty Plasma Liquid: Non-Newtonian Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Casting Process Parameters Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Nanoparticle Generation Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Electrothermal Vaporization Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ETV-ICP-MS) Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Embryonic Stem Cells: Plasma-Directed Differentiation Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Engine Emission Control: Ozone and Plasma Desorption Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Etching: Endpoint Detection Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Food Packaging Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Gas-Discharge Plasma: Biofilm Inactivation Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Glass Fibers: Improved Interfacial Adhesion Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Gliding Arc Discharge: Combustion Enhancement Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Glow Discharges: Stratification Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Graphene: Plasma Etching Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Helicon Source for Electric Propulsion Download PDF
Chapter  53:  High E/N Discharges: Applications Download PDF
Chapter  54:  High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) Download PDF
Chapter  55:  High-Pressure Optical Diagnostics Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Inductively Coupled Plasma Sputtering: Structure of IV-VI Semiconductors Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Kelvin Probe Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Laser-Induced Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Liquids and Gas-Liquid Environments: Plasmas in Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Mercury Probe Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Metal Deposition: Plasma-Based Processes Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Microdischarges Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Microorganisms: Destruction with Nonthermal Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Microplasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Microplasmas Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Microplasmas: Environmental and Biological Applications Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Microwave Plasmas: Single Crystal Diamond Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Microwave-Generated Fireballs Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Modeling: 2-D Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Modeling: Electromagnetic Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Nanotechnology: Plasma-Based Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Negative Ion and Dust Particle-Containing Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Negative Ion Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  77:  NO: Removal by Plasma Catalytic Process Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Opals (2-D Colloidal Crystals): Plasma Etching of Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Ozone Injection: Plasma-Induced Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Paper: Plasma Deacidification Download PDF
Chapter  81:  PECVD: Silicon Nitride Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Photonic Crystals: Tunable Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Plasma Bullets Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Plasma Electron Sources Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Plasma Flow Control Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Plasma Impedance in Discharges Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Plasmonics and Surface Plasmons Download PDF
Chapter  88:  PLGA: Immobilization of Fibroblast Growth Factor Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Pollutants: Aqueous Organic, Nonthermal Degradation Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Polymer Surface Modification: Plasma for Applications Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Polymer–Cold Plasma Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Polymeric Microfluidics: Fabricated and Modified Using Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Polymers: Plasma Micro-Nanotexturing and Plasma-Directed Organization Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Polyolefin Surfaces: Functional Groups Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Powders: Plasma Spray PVD for High-Throughput Production Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Pulsed Inductive Plasma Acceleration: Optimization Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Pulsed Plasmas: Nanoparticles and Thin Film Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Quantum Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Radar Cross-Section Reduction: Stealth Technology Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Re-Entry Vehicles: Communication through Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Root Canal Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Scanning Electron Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Seed Treatment: Cold Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Semiconductor (III-V) Thin Films: Plasma Etching Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Semiconductor-Bridge Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Semiconductors: Etching with Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF) Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Sewage Sludge: Plasma Gasification of Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Shadow Mask Plasma Display Panel Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC): Advanced Production Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Space Plasma Thrusters: Magnetic Nozzles for Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Spacecraft Charging Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Steam Reforming Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Strip Hollow Cathode Plasmas: PECVD and Thermochemical Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Taguchi Method: Plasma Cutting Parameters Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Textiles Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Textiles: Nanostructured Plasma Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Textiles: PET, Poly-DADMAC-Containing Fabrics Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Thermal Plasmas: Boundary Conditions on Heat Flux Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Thin Films: Polyaniline and Poly (3-methylthiophene) Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Thrusters: Ablative Pulsed, Plasma Acceleration in Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Thrusters: Current-Free Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Thrusters: Iodine Plasma Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Thrusters: Pulsed Plasmas Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Vacuum Arc Cathode Spots Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Sources Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Volatile Organic Compounds Decomposition Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Wafer Movement and Micro-Arc Discharges: Detection Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Wide Bandgap Materials: Plasma Etching Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Wood Surfaces: Plasma Activation Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Wool: Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment of Download PDF
Prelims2 Download PDF
Index2 Download PDF
Prelims1 Download PDF
Index1 Download PDF
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