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Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics

Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Edited by: W. P. M. Mayles , A. E. Nahum , J.-C. Rosenwald

Print publication date:  December  2021
Online publication date:  December  2021

Print ISBN: 9780367192075
eBook ISBN: 9780429201493
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

From the essential background physics and radiobiology to the latest imaging and treatment modalities, the updated second edition of Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory & Practice covers all aspects of the subject.

In Volume 1, Part A includes the Interaction of Radiation with Matter (charged particles and photons) and the Fundamentals of Dosimetry with an extensive section on small-field physics. Part B covers Radiobiology with increased emphasis on hypofractionation. Part C describes Equipment for Imaging and Therapy including MR-guided linear accelerators. Part D on Dose Measurement includes chapters on ionisation chambers, solid-state detectors, film and gels, as well as a detailed description and explanation of Codes of Practice for Reference Dose Determination including detector correction factors in small fields. Part E describes the properties of Clinical (external) Beams. The various methods (or ?algorithms?) for Computing Doses in Patients irradiated by photon, electron and proton beams are described in Part F with increased emphasis on Monte-Carlo-based and grid-based deterministic algorithms.

In Volume 2, Part G covers all aspects of Treatment Planning including CT-, MR- and Radionuclide-based patient imaging, Intensity-Modulated Photon Beams, Electron and Proton Beams, Stereotactic and Total Body Irradiation and the use of the dosimetric and radiobiological metrics TCP and NTCP for plan evaluation and optimisation. Quality Assurance fundamentals with application to equipment and processes are covered in Part H. Radionuclides, equipment and methods for Brachytherapy and Targeted Molecular Therapy are covered in Parts I and J, respectively. Finally, Part K is devoted to Radiation Protection of the public, staff and patients. Extensive tables of Physical Constants, Photon, Electron and Proton Interaction data, and typical Photon Beam and Radionuclide data are given in Part L.

Edited by recognised authorities in the field, with individual chapters written by renowned specialists, this second edition of Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics provides the essential up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge to deliver safe and effective radiotherapy. It will be of interest to clinical and research medical physicists, radiation oncologists, radiation technologists, PhD and Master?s students.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Structure of Matter Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Radioactivity Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Interactions of Charged Particles with Matter Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Interactions of Uncharged Particles with Matter Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Principles and Basic Concepts in Radiation Dosimetry Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Radiobiology of Tumours Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Radiobiology of Normal Tissues Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Dose Fractionation in Radiotherapy Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Equipment for Patient Data Acquisition Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Kilovoltage X-Ray Units Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Traditional Linear Accelerators Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Machines with Radionuclide Sources Download PDF
Chapter  13:  In-Room Imaging Devices Used for Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  14:  CyberKnife, TomoTherapy and MR-Guided Linear Accelerators Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Accelerators for Protons and Other Heavy Charged Particles Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Ionisation Chambers Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Solid-State Dose Measuring Devices Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Dosimetry Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Reference Dose Determination under Reference Conditions Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Relative Dose Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  21:  The Framework Relating Measurements to Calculation of Delivered Dose Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Kilovoltage X-Ray Beams Download PDF
Chapter  23:  High-Energy Photon Beams Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Electron Beams Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Proton and Other Heavy Charged-Particle Beams Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Parameters and Methodology for Point Dose Calculation in Photon Beams Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Framework for Computation of Patient Dose Distribution Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Photon Beams: Broad-Beam and Superposition Methods Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Charged-Particle Beams: The Pencil-Beam Approach Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Monte-Carlo and Grid-Based-Deterministic Models for Patient Dose Computation Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Target and Organ at Risk DefinitionDose Prescription and Reporting Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Computed Tomography Imaging in Radiotherapy Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Treatment Planning Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Radionuclide Imaging in Treatment Planning Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Image Registration, Segmentation and Virtual Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Photon-Beam Forward Planning Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy and Inverse Planning Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Electron-Beam Treatment Planning Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Proton-Beam Treatment Planning Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Intracranial and Body Stereotactic Radiotherapy Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Total Body Irradiation Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Total Skin Electron Irradiation Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Dose Evaluation of Treatment Plans Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Radiobiological Evaluation and Optimisation of Treatment Plans Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Quality and Safety Management Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Quality Control of High-Energy External Beams Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Quality Assurance of the Treatment Planning Process Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Quality Assurance of Treatment Delivery Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Data Communication with DICOM Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Brachytherapy Clinical Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Calibration and Quality Assurance of Sources Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Afterloading Equipment for Brachytherapy Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Dose Calculation for Brachytherapy Sources Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Brachytherapy Treatment Planning Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Radiobiology of Brachytherapy Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Radionuclide Selection for Targeted Molecular Radiotherapy Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Targeted Molecular Radiotherapy – Clinical Considerations and Dosimetry* Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Theoretical Background to Radiation Protection Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Radiation Protection Regulation Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Radiation Protection of Staff and the Public Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Radiation Protection of the Patient Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Tables L1: Physical Constants and Useful Data Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Tables L2: Charged Particle Stopping Power and Range Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Tables L3: Photon Interaction Coefficients Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Tables L4: Typical Megavoltage Photon Beam Data Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Table L5: Radionuclide Data Download PDF
AppendixReferences Download PDF
AppendixK3 Download PDF
AppendixK2 Download PDF
AppendixK1 Download PDF
AppendixReferences 2 Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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