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Handbook of Superconductivity

Characterization and Applications

Edited by: David A. Cardwell , David C. Larbalestier , Aleksander I. Braginski

Print publication date:  July  2022
Online publication date:  July  2022

Print ISBN: 9781439817360
eBook ISBN: 9781003139638
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

This is the last of three volumes of the extensively revised and updated second edition of the Handbook of Superconductivity. The past twenty years have seen rapid progress in superconducting materials, which exhibit one of the most remarkable physical states of matter ever to be discovered. Superconductivity brings quantum mechanics to the scale of the everyday world. Viable applications of superconductors rely fundamentally on an understanding of these intriguing phenomena and the availability of a range of materials with bespoke properties to meet practical needs.

While the first volume covers fundamentals and various classes of materials, the second addresses processing of these into various shapes and configurations needed for applications, and ends with chapters on refrigeration methods necessary to attain the superconducting state and the desired performance. This third volume starts with a wide range of methods permitting one to characterize both the materials and various end products of processing. Subsequently, diverse classes of both large scale and electronic applications are described. Volume 3 ends with a glossary relevant to all three volumes.

Key Features:

  • Covers the depth and breadth of the field

  • Includes contributions from leading academics and industry professionals across the world

  • Provides hands-on familiarity with the characterization methods and offers descriptions of representative examples of practical applications

A comprehensive reference, the handbook is suitable for both graduate students and practitioners in experimental physics, materials science, and multiple engineering disciplines, including electronic and electrical, chemical, mechanical, metallurgy and others.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Introduction to Section G1: Structure/Microstructure Download PDF
Chapter  2:  X-Ray Studies: Chemical Crystallography Download PDF
Chapter  3:  X-Ray Studies: Phase Transformations and Microstructure Changes Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Transmission Electron Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  5:  An Introduction to Digital Image Analysis of Superconductors Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Optical Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Neutron Techniques: Flux-Line Lattice Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Introduction to Section G2: Measurement and Interpretation of Electromagnetic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Electromagnetic Properties of Superconductors Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Numerical Models of the Electromagnetic Behavior of Superconductors Download PDF
Chapter  11:  DC Transport Critical Currents Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Characterisation of the Transport Critical Current Density for Conductor Applications Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Magnetic Measurements of Critical Current Density, Pinning, and Flux Creep Download PDF
Chapter  14:  AC Susceptibility Download PDF
Chapter  15:  AC Losses in Superconducting Materials, Wires, and Tapes Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Characterization of Superconductor Magnetic Properties in Crossed Magnetic Fields Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Microwave Impedance Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Local Probes of Magnetic Field Distribution Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Some Unusual and Systematic Properties of Hole-Doped Cuprates in the Normal and Superconducting States Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Introduction to Section G3: Thermal, Mechanical, and Other Properties Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Thermal Properties: Specific Heat Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Thermal Properties: Thermal Conductivity Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Thermal Properties: Thermal Expansion Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Mechanical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Magneto-Optical Characterization Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Introduction to Large Scale Applications Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Electromagnet Fundamentals Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Superconducting Magnet Design Download PDF
Chapter  29:  MRI Magnets Download PDF
Chapter  30:  High-Temperature Superconducting Current Leads Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Cables Download PDF
Chapter  32:  AC and DC Power Transmission Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Fault-Current Limiters Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Energy Storage Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Transformers Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Electrical Machines Using HTS Conductors Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Electrical Machines Using Bulk HTS Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Homopolar Motors Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Magnetic Separation Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Superconducting Radiofrequency Cavities Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Introduction to Section H2: High-Frequency Devices Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Microwave Resonators and Filters Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Transmission Lines Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Antennae Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Introduction to Section H3: Josephson Junction Devices Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Josephson Effects Download PDF
Chapter  47:  SQUIDs Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Biomagnetism Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Nondestructive Evaluation  Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Digital Electronics Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Superconducting Analog-to-Digital Converters Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Superconducting Qubits Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Introduction to Radiation and Particle Detectors that Use Superconductivity Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Superconducting Tunnel Junction Radiation Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Transition-Edge Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Superconducting Materials for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Optical Detectors and Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Low-Noise Superconducting Mixers for the Terahertz Frequency Range Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Applications: Metrology Download PDF
Glossary Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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