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Handbook of Lipid Bilayers

Authored by: Marsh Derek

Print publication date:  February  2013
Online publication date:  February  2013

Print ISBN: 9781420088328
eBook ISBN: 9781420088335
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Now in its second edition, the Handbook of Lipid Bilayers is a groundbreaking work that remains the field?s definitive text and only comprehensive source for primary physicochemical data relating to phospholipid bilayers. Along with basic thermodynamic data, coverage includes both dynamic and structural properties of phospholipid bilayers. It is an indispensable reference for users of bilayer model membranes and liposome delivery systems and for those interested in the biophysics of membrane structure.

Each chapter in the second edition contains considerable amounts of explanation and elaboration, including, in many cases, extensive analysis of structural connections between the data.

New in the Second Edition:

  • Chapters on crystal structures of phospholipids include new structures and more comprehensive data on bond lengths, bond angles, and torsion angles?and all coordinates are Cartesian
  • Wide-angle data is indexed whenever possible to characterize chain-packing modes in gel and crystalline lamellar phases
  • Low-angle data are analyzed in terms of the lipid and water thicknesses
  • Headgroup separations in electron density profiles for phospholipids are included, and a separate section is devoted to the in-depth analysis of electron density profiles that provides the most detailed structural information on fluid lamellar phases
  • Phase diagrams of phospholipid mixtures are vastly expanded and have been redrawn in standardized format to aid intercomparison. Cholesterol, including ternary systems, is now featured.
  • New sections on titration calorimetry, and much extended data on the temperature dependence of transfer rates
  • The greatly expanded chapter on bilayer?bilayer interactions features new and detailed information on the components of interbilayer pressures

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Lipid Classification Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Nomenclature of Lipids Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Fatty Acids Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Phospholipid Classification and Molecular Weights Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Fatty Acid Composition of Naturally Occurring Phospholipids Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Physicochemical Properties of Phospholipids Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Phospholipid pKs Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Crystal Structures of Phospholipids Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Phase Behavior and Hydration Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Calorimetric Data Download PDF
Chapter  11:  X-Ray Diffraction Data Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Densitometric Data Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Elastic Constants Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Dynamic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Phase Transition Temperatures Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Phase Diagrams: Binary and Ternary Mixtures Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Non-Lamellar Phases (Hexagonal and Cubic) Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Critical Micelle Concentrations and Lipid Transfer Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Bilayer-Bilayer Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Ion-Binding Constants Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Glycolipid Classification and Molecular Weights Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Fatty Acid Composition of Naturally Occurring Glycolipids Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Physicochemical Properties of Glycolipids Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Glycolipid pKs Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Crystal Structures Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Phase Behavior and Hydration Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Calorimetric Data Download PDF
Chapter  28:  X-Ray Diffraction Data Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Densitometric Data Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Elastic Constants Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Dynamic Properties Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Phase Transition Temperatures Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Phase Diagrams: Binary Mixtures Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Non-Lamellar Phases (Hexagonal and Cubic) Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Critical Micelle Concentrations and Lipid Transfer Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Bilayer-Bilayer Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Ion-Binding Constants Download PDF
Introduction_Section_1 Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Introduction_Section_3 Download PDF
Introduction_Section_2 Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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