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Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine

Edited by: Leland J. Cseke , Kirakosyan Ara , Peter B. Kaufman , Margaret V. Westfall

Print publication date:  December  2011
Online publication date:  April  2016

Print ISBN: 9781420069389
eBook ISBN: 9781439881958
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Several milestones in biology have been achieved since the first publication of the Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine. This is true particularly with respect to genome-level sequencing of higher eukaryotes, the invention of DNA microarray technology, advances in bioinformatics, and the development of RNAi technology. Now in its third edition, this volume provides researchers with an updated tool kit that incorporates conventional as well as modern approaches to tackle biological and medicinal research in the post-genomics era.

Significantly revised to address these recent changes, the editors have evaluated, revised, and sometimes replaced protocols with more efficient, more reliable, or simpler ones. The book has also been reorganized with section headings focusing on different biological levels connected to one another, taking into account the central dogma of biology (DNA ? RNA ? protein ? metabolites). The book first explores traditional approaches and then moves to the modern "omics" approaches, including genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. It also discusses the manipulation of biological systems (including RNAi) and macromolecular analyses, focusing on the use of microscopy.

In each chapter, various notes and cautionary considerations are presented for potentially hazardous reagents. Filled with diagrams, tables, and figures to clarify methods, most chapters also contain Troubleshooting Guides indicating problems, possible causes, and solutions that may be incurred in carrying out the procedures. Researchers and scientists who master the techniques in this book are putting themselves at the cutting edge of biological and medicinal research.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Isolation and Purification of DNA Download PDF
Chapter  2:  DNA Cloning Strategies Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Polymerase Chain Reaction Methodologies Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Preparation of Nucleic Acid Probes Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Southern Blot Hybridization Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Genomic DNA Libraries Download PDF
Chapter  7:  DNA Sequencing and Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Isolation and Purification of RNA Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Real-Time PCR and qRT-PCR Methodologies Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Preparation of RNA Probes Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Northern Blot Hybridization Download PDF
Chapter  12:  cDNA Libraries Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Differential Display Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Localization of RNA Expression Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Isolation and Purification of Proteins Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Western Blot Hybridization Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Localization of Protein Expression Download PDF
Chapter  18:  DNA Footprinting and Gel Retardation Assay Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Protein–Protein and Protein–Ligand Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Isolation and Purification of Metabolites Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Analysis of Metabolites Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Bioinformatics and Data Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Microarray Platforms Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Microarray Data Collection Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Microarray Data Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Proteomics Data Collection and Analysis  Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Metabolomics Data Collection and Analysis  Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Common Protocols on Membrane Lipid Analysis and Lipidomics Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Integrated Functional Genomics Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Inhibition of Gene Expression Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Inhibition of Protein Synthesis Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Gene Transfer and Expression in Animal Cells Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Methods of Stem Cell Lineage Analysis In Situ and in Cell Culture Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Tissue Engineering of Fully Differentiated Tissue Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Plant Tissue and Cell Culture Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Gene Transfer and Expression in Plants Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Microscopy: Light and Confocal Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Microscopy: Scanning Electron, Environmental Scanning Electron, and Transmission Electron Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Laser Capture Microdissection and Whole Genome Amplification Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
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