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Handbook of Ion Channels

Edited by: Zheng Jie , C. Trudeau Matthew

Print publication date:  February  2015
Online publication date:  February  2015

Print ISBN: 9781466551404
eBook ISBN: 9781466551428
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The New Benchmark for Understanding the Latest Developments of Ion Channels

Ion channels control the electrical properties of neurons and cardiac cells, mediate the detection and response to sensory stimuli, and regulate the response to physical stimuli. They can often interact with the cellular environment due to their location at the surface of cells. In nonexcitable tissues, they also help regulate basic salt balance critical for homeostasis. All of these features make ion channels important targets for pharmaceuticals.

Handbook of Ion Channels illustrates the fundamental importance of these membrane proteins to human health and disease. Renowned researchers from around the world introduce the technical aspects of ion channel research, provide a modern guide to the properties of major ion channels, and present powerful methods for modeling ion channel diseases and performing clinical trials for ion channel drugs.

Conveniently divided into five parts, the handbook first describes the basic concepts of permeation and gating mechanisms, balancing classic theories and the latest developments. The second part covers the principles and practical issues of both traditional and new ion channel techniques and their applications to channel research. The third part organizes the material to follow the superfamilies of ion channels. This part focuses on the classification, properties, gating mechanisms, function, and pharmacology of established and novel channel types. The fourth part addresses ion channel regulation as well as trafficking and distribution. The final part examines several ion channel-related diseases, discussing genetics, mechanisms, and pharmaceutical advances.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Electricity, nerves, batteries Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Ion selectivity and conductance Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Basic mechanisms of voltage sensing Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Ligand-dependent gating mechanism Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Mechanosensitive channels and their emerging gating mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Patch clamping and single-channel analysis Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Models of ion channel gating Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Utilizing Markov chains to model ion channel sequence variation and kinetics Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Investigation of ion channel structure using fluorescence spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  10:  A practical guide to solving the structure of an ion channel protein Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Structural study of ion channels by cryo-electron microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Rosetta structural modeling Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Genetic methods for studying ion channel function in physiology and disease Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Ion channel inhibitors Download PDF
Chapter  15:  High-throughput methods for ion channels Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Voltage-gated sodium channels Download PDF
Chapter  17:  BK channels Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Inward rectifying potassium channels Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Two-pore domain potassium channels Download PDF
Chapter  20:  KCNQ channels Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Ionotropic glutamate receptors Download PDF
Chapter  22:  5-HT receptors Download PDF
Chapter  23:  GABA receptors Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Cyclic nucleotide–gated channels Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Acid sensing ion channels Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Degenerin/ENaC channels Download PDF
Chapter  27:  TRPC channels Download PDF
Chapter  28:  TRPV channels Download PDF
Chapter  29:  TRPM channels Download PDF
Chapter  30:  TRPML channels Download PDF
Chapter  31:  CLC chloride channels and transporters Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Ca-activated chloride channels Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Store-operated CRAC channels Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Mechanism of G-protein regulation of K channels Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Calmodulin regulation of voltage-gated calcium channels and beyond Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Phosphorylation of voltage-gated ion channels Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Alternative splicing Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Single transmembrane regulatory subunits of voltage-gated potassium channels Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Ion channels of the heart Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Ion channels in pain Download PDF
Chapter  41:  CLC-related proteins in diseases Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Cystic fibrosis and the CFTR anion channel Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Drugs targeting ion channels Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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