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Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms

Authored by: Krishnaiyan “KT” Thulasiraman , Subramanian Arumugam , Andreas Brandstädt , Takao Nishizeki

Print publication date:  December  2015
Online publication date:  January  2016

Print ISBN: 9781584885955
eBook ISBN: 9781420011074
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The fusion between graph theory and combinatorial optimization has led to theoretically profound and practically useful algorithms, yet there is no book that currently covers both areas together. Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms is the first to present a unified, comprehensive treatment of both graph theory and combinatorial optimization.

Divided into 11 cohesive sections, the handbook?s 44 chapters focus on graph theory, combinatorial optimization, and algorithmic issues. The book provides readers with the algorithmic and theoretical foundations to:

  • Understand phenomena as shaped by their graph structures
  • Develop needed algorithmic and optimization tools for the study of graph structures
  • Design and plan graph structures that lead to certain desirable behavior

With contributions from more than 40 worldwide experts, this handbook equips readers with the necessary techniques and tools to solve problems in a variety of applications. Readers gain exposure to the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of a wide range of topics in graph theory and combinatorial optimization, enabling them to identify (and hence solve) problems encountered in diverse disciplines, such as electrical, communication, computer, social, transportation, biological, and other networks.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Basic Concepts in Graph Theory and Algorithms Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Basic Graph Algorithms  Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Depth-First Search and Applications  Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Maximum Flow Problem Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Minimum Cost Flow Problem Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Multicommodity Flows Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Graphs and Vector Spaces  Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Incidence, Cut, and Circuit Matrices of a Graph Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Adjacency Matrix and Signal Flow Graphs  Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Adjacency Spectrum and the Laplacian Spectrum of a Graph Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Resistance Networks, Random Walks, and Network Theorems Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Connectivity Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Connectivity Algorithms Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Graph Connectivity Augmentation Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Matchings Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Matching Algorithms  Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Stable Marriage Problem Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Domination in Graphs Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Graph Colorings Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Planarity and Duality* Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Edge Addition Planarity Testing Algorithm Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Planarity Testing Based on PC-Trees Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Graph Drawing Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Introduction to Interconnection Networks Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Cayley Graphs Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Graph Embedding and Interconnection Networks Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Program Graphs  Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Perfect Graphs Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Tree-Structured Graphs Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Graph and Hypergraph Partitioning Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Matroids Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Hybrid Analysis and Combinatorial Optimization Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Probabilistic Arguments in Combinatorics* Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Random Models and Analyses for Chemical Graphs Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Randomized Graph Algorithms: Techniques and Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  36:  General Techniques for Combinatorial Approximation  Download PDF
Chapter  37:  ε-Approximation Schemes for the Constrained Shortest Path Problem Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Constrained Shortest Path Problem: Lagrangian Relaxation-Based Algorithmic Approaches Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Algorithms for Finding Disjoint Paths with QoS Constraints  Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Set-Cover Approximation Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Approximation Schemes for Fractional Multicommodity Flow Problems Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Approximation Algorithms for Connectivity Problems Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Rectilinear Steiner Minimum Trees Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Fixed-Parameter Algorithms and Complexity Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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