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Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health

Edited by: Shahidi Fereidoon , Alasalvar Cesarettin

Print publication date:  March  2016
Online publication date:  April  2016

Print ISBN: 9781466596412
eBook ISBN: 9781466596429
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health provides potential applications and new developments in functional beverages, nutraceuticals, and health foods. In addition to serving as a reference manual, it summarizes the current state of knowledge in key research areas and contains novel ideas for future research and development. Additionally, it provides an easy-to-read text suitable for teaching senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in the relevant areas.

The book is divided into seven major sections: Section I covers market trends, global regulations, flavor challenges, chemistry, and health with specific reference to cancer chemoprevention and the prevention of postprandial metabolic stress due to consumption of functional beverages. Section II, by far the largest part of the book, has 39 chapters on the most popular fruit juices (apple juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, etc.). Section III reports on herbal and vegetable juices (carrot juice, Chinese medicinal herbs and root-based beverages, tomato juice, and vegetable-containing juices).

Section IV details caffeinated beverages, including different varieties of tea (green, black, oolong, and herbal teas), coffee (coffee and beverages from green coffee beans), and cocoa and chocolate. Section V is on dairy and soy beverages, while Section VI is on alcoholic beverages (wine) and water (maple water). Finally, Section VII describes fermented (kefir, koumiss, and ayran) and fortified functional beverages (applications of plant sterols and stanols in functional beverages, beverages fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics in functional beverages, functional beverages in weight management, fortified sport drinks, and peptide-enriched functional beverages).

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Functional Beverages: Market Trends and Market-Oriented New Product Designs Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Global Nutraceutical Regulations for Functional Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Flavor Challenges in Functional Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Chemistry of Functional Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Selected Fruit Juices Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Fruit Juices and the Prevention of Postprandial Metabolic Stress in Humans Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Acerola Juice Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Apple Juice Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Apricot Juice/Nectar Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Aronia Juice Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Blackberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Black Currant Juice Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Blueberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Cherry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Cherry Laurel Syrup (Pekmez) Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Coconut Juice Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Cranberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Date Syrup Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Dragon Fruit Juice Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Goji Berry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Golden Berry and Selected Tropical (Agai, Acerola, and Maqui) Juices Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Grape Juice Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Grapefruit Juice Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Guava Juice Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Hawthorn Juice Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Juice Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Kiwifruit Juice Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Lemon Juice Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Lime Juice Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Mango Juice Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Mangosteen Juice Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Melon Juice Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Mulberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Noni Fruit Juice Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Orange Juice Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Papaya Juice Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Passion Fruit Juice Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Peach Juice Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Pear Juice Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Pineapple Juice Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Plum, Prune, and Ume Juices Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Pomegranate Juice Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Raspberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Strawberry Juice Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Watermelon Juice Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Carrot Juice  Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Chinese Medicinal Herbs and Root-Based Beverages  Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Tomato Juice  Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Vegetable-Containing Juices (Carrot, Kale, and Sprout)  Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Teas (Green, Oolong, and Black)  Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Herbal Teas  Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Coffee  Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Beverages from Green Coffee Beans  Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Cocoa and Hot Chocolate  Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Dairy Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Soybean Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Wine Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Maple Water Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Fermented Functional Beverages (Kefir, Koumiss, and Ayran) Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Applications of Plant Sterols and Stanols in Functional Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Beverages Fortified with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Dietary Fiber, Minerals, and Vitamin Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Probiotics and Prebiotics in Functional Beverages Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Functional Beverages in Weight Management Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Fortified Sports Drinks Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Peptide-Enriched Functional Beverages Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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