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Urban Water Reuse Handbook

Edited by: Saeid Eslamian

Print publication date:  December  2015
Online publication date:  January  2016

Print ISBN: 9781482229141
eBook ISBN: 9781482229158
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Examining the current literature, research, and relevant case studies, presented by a team of international experts, the Urban Water Reuse Handbook discusses the pros and cons of water reuse and explores new and alternative methods for obtaining a sustainable water supply. The book defines water reuse guidelines, describes the historical and current development of water reuse, and includes previously implemented methodologies and practices relevant to urban wastewater treatment. It considers the sustainability of water resources and supply systems in both urban and rural areas.

The book discusses the advantages of water reuse (reduced water consumption, cost-savings, a secure groundwater replenishment source, and a long-term water supply) and outlines the disadvantages (a build-up of chemical pollutants in the soil, the probable contamination of groundwater attributed to reclaimed water, and possible human health risks related to the presence of viruses and bacteria). It also proposes ethical and cultural considerations, discusses the economic and environmental performance of water systems relevant to water reuse, and outlines associated methods and strategies that can address problems of water scarcity.

In addition, this handbook addresses:

  • Constructed wetlands in surrounding urban areas
  • Water reuse in specific regions, coastal areas, cold regions, arid zones
  • Application of wastewater for hydroelectric power generation
  • Traditional systems of water reuse
  • Combining harvesting systems and water reuse structures
  • Warning systems for wastewater access control
  • Public participation and implementation issues
  • Groundwater recharge by unconventional water
  • Urban water reuse policy

A resourceful guide dedicated to the reuse of urban wastewater, the Urban Water Reuse Handbook focuses on wastewater treatment, recycling, and reuse for the conservation of water resources. This book serves as a reference for water resource engineers, urban hydrologists, and planning professionals; for water/wastewater engineers, students, policy makers, and researchers.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Water Shortages Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Urbanization and Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Energy and Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Water Reuse and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Reused Urban Water Microbiology Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Wastewater: Implications for Urban Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Escherichia coli in Urban Water Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Water Quality Issues in Urban Water Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Reuse, Potable Water, and Possibilities Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Urban Water Reuse in Agriculture Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Urban Water Reuse in Industry Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Water Recycling in the Textile Industry: A Holistic Approach from In-Field Experimentation to Impact on Production Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Criterion, Indices, and Classification of Water Quality and Water Reuse Options Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Water Reuse Guidelines for Agriculture Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Water Reuse Guidelines for Industry Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Water Reuse Guidelines for Recreation Download PDF
Chapter  17:  State Legislation on Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Water Reuse Environmental Benefits Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Ecological Impact of Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Environmental Impact Assessment Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Environmental Impact Assessment for Urban Water Reuse: Tool for Sustainable Development Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Water Recycling and Community Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Ethical and Cultural Dimensions of Water Reuse: Islamic Perspectives Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Ethical and Cultural Dimensions of Water Reuse in Global Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Community Attitudes and Behaviors and the Sociopolitics of Decision Making for Urban Recycled Water Schemes Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Urban Water Reuse in Tourism Areas Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Household Water, Wastewater Minimization, and Cost Analysis: A Case Study Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Evaluation of Socioeconomic Impacts of Urban Water Reuse Using System Dynamics Approach Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Desalination Technologies: Are They Economical for Urban Areas? Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Water Reuse Traditional Systems Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Modern Water Reuse Technologists: Tertiary Membrane and Activated Carbon Filtration Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Modern Water Reuse Technologies: Membrane Bioreactors Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Blackwater System Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Greywater Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Wastewater Operation Requirements and Distribution Systems Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Decentralized Systems Download PDF
Chapter  37:  MF, UF, and SWRO Membranes in the Desalination Process Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Upgrading Wastewater Treatment Systems for Urban Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Contamination Warning System Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Urban Water Reuse Risk Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Agricultural Water Reuse in Low-Income Settings: Health Risks and Risk Management Strategies Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Choosing Indicators of Fecal Pollution for Wastewater Reuse Opportunities Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Contaminant Management in Water Reuse Systems Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Urban Meteoric Water Reuse and Management Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Best Management Practices in Urban Water Cycle Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Managing the Unintended Consequences of Mining: Acid Mine Drainage in Johannesburg Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Wastewater and Sludge Reuse Management in Agriculture Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Wastewater Monitoring Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Urban Stormwater Quality Monitoring Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Urban Wetland Hydrology and Water Purification Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Urban Wetland Hydrology and Changes Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Wetland Systems and Removal Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Phytoremediation Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Treatment Wetlands: Fundamentals Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Constructed Wetlands: Case Studies Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Constructed Wetlands: Basic Design Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Constructed Wetlands: Pollutant Removal Mechanisms Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Rainwater Use in Urban Areas: Rainwater Quality, Harvesting, Toxicity, Treatment, and Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Water Reuse in Rainwater Harvesting Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Rainwater Tanks as a Means of Water Reuse and Conservation in Urban Areas Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Groundwater Recharge and Unconventional Water: Design and Management Criteria Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Water Reuse via Aquifers: Urban Stormwater and Treated Sewage Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Use of Wastewater for Hydroelectric Power Generation Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Application of Nanotechnology in Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Recycled Water in Basin and Farm Scales Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Water Reuse in Arid Zones Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Water Reuse in Coastal Areas Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Water Reuse Sustainability in Cold Climate Regions Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Water Reuse Practices in Cold Climates Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Water Reuse in Hilly Urban Areas Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Feasibility Studies for Water Reuse Systems Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Wastewater Agriculture in Peri-Urban Areas of Dhaka City Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Governance of Nonconventional Water Sources: South Australian Urban Community Views on Ownership, Trust, and Pricing Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Resilience, Not CO Mitigation, Is the Imperative Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Climate Change Adaptation and Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Impact of Climate Change on Drinking Water Download PDF
Chapter  77:  The Impact of Climate Change on the Incidence of Infectious Waterborne Disease Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Water Reuse and Recreational Waters Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Sustainability and Water Reclamation Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Sustainable Reuse and Recycling of Treated Urban Wastewater Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Water Reuse Products in Urban Areas Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Conjunctive Use of Water Reuse and Urban Water Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Urban Water Reuse Policy Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Urban Water Reuse: Future Policies and Outlooks Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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