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The Etruscan World

Edited by: Jean MacIntosh Turfa

Print publication date:  June  2013
Online publication date:  November  2014

Print ISBN: 9780415673082
eBook ISBN: 9780203526965
Adobe ISBN: 9781134055234

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Book description

The Etruscans can be shown to have made significant, and in some cases perhaps the first, technical advances in the central and northern Mediterranean. To the Etruscan people we can attribute such developments as the tie-beam truss in large wooden structures, surveying and engineering drainage and water tunnels, the development of the foresail for fast long-distance sailing vessels, fine techniques of metal production and other pyrotechnology, post-mortem C-sections in medicine, and more. In art, many technical and iconographic developments, although they certainly happened first in Greece or the Near East, are first seen in extant Etruscan works, preserved in the lavish tombs and goods of Etruscan aristocrats. These include early portraiture, the first full-length painted portrait, the first perspective view of a human figure in monumental art, specialized techniques of bronze-casting, and reduction-fired pottery (the bucchero phenomenon). Etruscan contacts, through trade, treaty and intermarriage, linked their culture with Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, with the Italic tribes of the peninsula, and with the Near Eastern kingdoms, Greece and the Greek colonial world, Iberia, Gaul and the Punic network of North Africa, and influenced the cultures of northern Europe.

In the past fifteen years striking advances have been made in scholarship and research techniques for Etruscan Studies. Archaeological and scientific discoveries have changed our picture of the Etruscans and furnished us with new, specialized information. Thanks to the work of dozens of international scholars, it is now possible to discuss topics of interest that could never before be researched, such as Etruscan mining and metallurgy, textile production, foods and agriculture. In this volume, over 60 experts provide insights into all these aspects of Etruscan culture, and more, with many contributions available in English for the first time to allow the reader access to research that may not otherwise be available to them. Lavishly illustrated, The Etruscan World brings to life the culture and material past of the Etruscans and highlights key points of development in research, making it essential reading for researchers, academics and students of this fascinating civilization.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Etruscan Environments Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Massimo Pallottino’s “Origins” in Perspective Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Etruscan Origins and the Ancient Authors Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Fleshing Out the Demography of Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The Villanovan Culture: At the Beginning of Etruscan History Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Orientalizing Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Urbanization in Southern Etruria from the Tenth to the Sixth Century BC: The Origins and Growth of Major Centers Download PDF
Chapter  8:  A Long Twilight (396–90 BC): Romanization of Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  9:  The Last Etruscans: Family Tombs in Northern Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  10:  The Western Mediterranean before the Etruscans Download PDF
Chapter  11:  The Nuragic Heritage in Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Phoenician and Punic Sardinia and the Etruscans Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Etruria and Corsica Download PDF
Chapter  14:  The Faliscans and the Etruscans Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Etruria on the Po and the Adriatic Sea Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Etruscans in Campania Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Etruria Marittima: Massalia and Gaul, Carthage and Iberia Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Political Systems and Law Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Etruscan Goods in the Mediterranean World and Beyond Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Mothers and Children Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Slavery and Manumission Download PDF
Chapter  22:  The Etruscan Language Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Numbers and Reckoning: A Whole Civilization Founded Upon Divisions Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Greek Myth in Etruscan Culture Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Gods and Demons in the Etruscan Pantheon Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Haruspicy and Augury: Sources and Procedures Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Religion: The Gods and the Places Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Etruscan Religious Rituals: The Archaeological Evidence Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Tarquinia, Sacred Areas and Sanctuaries on the Civita Plateau and on the Coast: “Monumental Complex,” Ara Della Regina, Gravisca Download PDF
Chapter  30:  The Sanctuary of Pyrgi Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Orvieto, Campo Della Fiera – Fanum Voltumnae  Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Worshiping with the Dead: New Approaches to the Etruscan Necropolis Download PDF
Chapter  33:  The Imagery of Tomb Objects (Local and Imported) and its Funerary Relevance Download PDF
Chapter  34:  The Science of the Etruscans Download PDF
Chapter  35:  The Architectural Heritage of Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Etruscan Town Planning and Related Structures Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Villanovan and Etruscan Mining and Metallurgy Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Technology, Ideology, Warfare and the Etruscans before the Roman Conquest Download PDF
Chapter  39:  The Art of the Etruscan Armourer Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Seafaring: Ship Building, Harbors, the Issue of Piracy Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Princely Chariots and Carts Download PDF
Chapter  42:  The World of Etruscan Textiles Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Food and Drink in the Etruscan World Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The Banquet through Etruscan History Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Etruscan Spectacles: Theater and Sport Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Music and Musical Instruments in Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Health and Medicine in Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Foreign Artists in Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  49:  The Phenomenon of Terracotta: Architectural Terracottas Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Etruscan Jewelry Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Engraved Gems Download PDF
Chapter  52:  The Etruscan Painted Pottery Download PDF
Chapter  53:  The Meanings of Bucchero Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Etruscan Terracotta Figurines Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Portraiture Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Landscape and Illusionism: Qualities of Etruscan Funerary Wall Painting Download PDF
Chapter  57:  The Tradition of Votive Bronzes in Etruria Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Mirrors in Art and Society Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Science as Art: Etruscan Anatomical Votives Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Animals in the Etruscan Household and Environment Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Annius of Viterbo Download PDF
Chapter  62:  The Reception of Etruscan Culture: Dempster and Buonarroti Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Modern Approaches to Etruscan Culture Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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