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The Routledge Companion to Women and Monarchy in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Edited by: Elizabeth D. Carney , Sabine Müller

Print publication date:  November  2020
Online publication date:  November  2020

Print ISBN: 9781138358843
eBook ISBN: 9780429434105
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

This volume offers the first comprehensive look at the role of women in the monarchies of the ancient Mediterranean. It consistently addresses certain issues across all dynasties: title; role in succession; the situation of mothers, wives, and daughters of kings; regnant and co-regnant women; role in cult and in dynastic image; and examines a sampling of the careers of individual women while placing them within broader contexts. Written by an international group of experts, this collection is based on the assumption that women played a fundamental role in ancient monarchy, that they were part of, not apart from it, and that it is necessary to understand their role to understand ancient monarchies. This is a crucial resource for anyone interested in the role of women in antiquity.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Introduction to thinking about women and monarchy in the ancient world Download PDF
Chapter  2:  The king’s mother in the Old and Middle Kingdoms Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Regnant women in Egypt  Download PDF
Chapter  4:  The image of Nefertiti Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The God’s Wife of Amun Download PDF
Chapter  6:  The role and status of royal women in Kush Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Ptolemaic royal women Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Berenike II Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Royal women and Ptolemaic cults Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Ptolemaic women’s patronage of the arts Download PDF
Chapter  11:  The Kleopatra problem Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Invisible Mesopotamian royal women? Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Achaimenid women Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Karian royal women and the creation of a royal identity Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Seleukid women Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Apama and Stratonike Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Seleukid marriage alliances Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Royal mothers and dynastic power in Attalid Pergamon Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Hasmonean women Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Women at the Arsakid court Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Women of the Sassanid dynasty (224–651 CE)  Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Zenobia of Palmyra Download PDF
Chapter  23:  “Royal” women in the Homeric epics Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Royal women in Greek tragedy Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Argead women Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Women in Antigonid monarchy Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Transitional royal women Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Women and dynasty at the Hellenistic imperial courts Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Royal brother–sister marriage, Ptolemaic and otherwise Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Jugate images in Ptolemaic and Julio-Claudian monarchy Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Octavia Minor and patronage Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Livia and the principate of Augustus and Tiberius Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Julio-Claudian imperial women Download PDF
Chapter  34:  The imperial women from the Flavians to the Severi Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Portraiture of Flavian imperial women Download PDF
Chapter  36:  The Faustinas Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Women in the Severan dynasty Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Women in the family of Constantine Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Semiramis Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Tanaquil and Tullia in Livy as Roman caricatures of Greek mythic and historic Hellenistic queens Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Roman empresses on screen Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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