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Handbook of Landscape Archaeology

Edited by: Bruno David , Julian Thomas

Print publication date:  December  2008
Online publication date:  June  2016

Print ISBN: 9781598742947
eBook ISBN: 9781315427737
Adobe ISBN: 9781315427720

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Book description

Over the past three decades, “landscape” has become an umbrella term to describe many different strands of archaeology. From the processualist study of settlement patterns to the phenomenologist’s experience of the natural world, from human impact on past environments to the environment’s impact on human thought, action, and interaction, the term has been used. In this volume, for the first time, over 80 archaeologists from three continents attempt a comprehensive definition of the ideas and practices of landscape archaeology, covering the theoretical and the practical, the research and conservation, and encasing the term in a global framework. As a basic reference volume for landscape archaeology, this volume will be the benchmark for decades to come. All royalties on this Handbook are donated to the World Archaeological Congress.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Landscape Archaeology: Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Place in Landscape Archaeology: A Western Philosophical Prelude Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Uncommon Ground: Landscape as Social Geography Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Pathways to a Panoramic Past: A Brief History of Landscape Archaeology in Europe Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The History of Landscape Archaeology in the Americas Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Thinking of Landscape Archaeology in Africa’s Later Prehistory: Always Something New Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Nonhuman Primate Approaches to Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Pre-Homo Sapiens Place-Worlds Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Evolutionary Psychology and Archaeological Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  10:  The Social Construction of Water Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Reading between the Lands: Toward an Amphibious Archaeological Settlement Model for Maritime Migrations Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Island Biogeography: Implications and Applications for Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Sentient Sea: Seascapes as Spiritscapes Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Living Landscapes of the Dead: Archaeology of the Afterworld among the Rumu of Papua New Guinea Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Visions of the Cosmos: Ceremonial Landscapes and Civic Plans Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Quarried Away: Thinking about Landscapes of Megalithic Construction on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Object Fragmentation and Past Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Boundaries and the Archaeology of Frontier Zones Download PDF
Chapter  19:  The Archaeology of Territory and Territoriality Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Marks of Possession: The Archaeology of Territory and Cross-Cultural Encounter in Australia and South Africa Download PDF
Chapter  21:  From Physical to Social Landscapes: Multidimensional Approaches to the Archaeology of Social Place in the European Upper Palaeolithic Download PDF
Chapter  22:  The Use of Ethnography in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Gender in Australian Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Hidden Landscapes of the Body Download PDF
Chapter  25:  The Body and the Senses: Implications for Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Phenomenological Approaches to Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Memory, Place, and the Memorialization of Landscape Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Virtual Reality, Visual Envelopes, and Characterizing Landscape Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Landscape and Personhood Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Archaeology, Landscape, and Dwelling Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Building and Architecture as Landscape Practice Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Farming, Herding, and the Transformation of Human Landscapes in Southwestern Asia Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Domesticated Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Punctuated Landscapes: Creating Cultural Places in Volcanically Active Environments Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Dating in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Palaeolandscape Reconstruction in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Geographical Scale in Understanding Human Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Landscape and Climate Change Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Human Behavioral Ecology and the Use of Ancient Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Desert Landscapes in Archaeology: A Case Study from the Negev Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Landscapes of Fire: Origins, Politics, and Questions Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Microbotanical Remains in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Beyond Economy: Seed Analysis in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The Use of Wood Charcoal in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Terrestrial Invertebrates in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Environmental Archaeology: Interpreting Practices-in-the-Landscape through Geoarchaeology Download PDF
Chapter  47:  The Archaeology of Wetland Landscapes: Method and Theory at the Beginning of the 21st Century Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Lithics and Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  49:  The Use of Human Skeletal Remains in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Using DNA in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Sourcing Techniques in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Tracking Ancient Routes across Polynesian Seascapes with Basalt Artifact Geochemistry Download PDF
Chapter  53:  The Uses of Archaeological Faunal Remains in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Survey Strategies in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Noninvasive Subsurface Mapping Techniques, Satellite and Aerial Imagery in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Geographical Information Systems and Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Ploughzone Archaeology in Historical Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Landscape Formation Processes Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Counter-Mapping in the Archaeological Landscape Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Landscapes of Power, Institution, and Incarceration Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Cultural Resource Management and the Protection of Valued Tribal Spaces: A View from the Western United States Download PDF
Chapter  62:  When a Stone Tool Is a Dingo: Country and Relatedness in Australian Aboriginal Notions of Landscape Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Imagined Landscapes: Edges of the (Un)Known Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Topographies of Values: Ethical Issues in Landscape Archaeology Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Contested Landscapes—Rights to History, Rights to Place: Who Controls Archaeological Places? Download PDF
About_the_Authors Download PDF
Credits Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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