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History of Indian Philosophy

Routledge history of world philosophies

Edited by: Purushottama Bilimoria , J. N. Mohanty , Amy Rayner , John Powers , Stephen Phillips , Richard King , Christopher Key Chapple

Print publication date:  December  2017
Online publication date:  November  2017

Print ISBN: 9780415309769
eBook ISBN: 9781315666792
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The History of Indian Philosophy is a comprehensive and authoritative examination of the movements and thinkers that have shaped Indian philosophy over the last three thousand years. An outstanding team of international contributors provide fifty-eight accessible chapters, organised into three clear parts:


  • knowledge, context, concepts
  • philosophical traditions
  • engaging and encounters: modern and postmodern.


This outstanding collection is essential reading for students of Indian philosophy. It will also be of interest to those seeking to explore the lasting significance of this rich and complex philosophical tradition, and to philosophers who wish to learn about Indian philosophy through a comparative lens.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Interpretations or Interventions? Indian Philosophy in the Global Cosmopolis Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Methodology in Indian philosophy  Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Pramāṇ a epistemology: Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Buddhist hermeneutics Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Process philosophy and phenomenology of time in Buddhism Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Philosophy and religion in India Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Indian skepticism  Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Self in Indian philosophy: Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Contents of consciousness Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Indian materialism  Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Philosophy of the Brāhmaṇas Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Upaniṣads Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Sāṃkhya Download PDF
Chapter  14:  The diverse traditions of Sāṃkhya Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Mīmāṃsā Download PDF
Chapter  16:  The categories in VaiŚeṣ ika: Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Nyāya Download PDF
Chapter  18:  The Nyāya on inference and fallacies Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Embodied connectionism: Download PDF
Chapter  20:  A phenomenological reading of the Nyāya critique of the no-self view: Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Udayana’s theory of extrinsic validity in his theistic monograph Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Early Vedānta Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Advaita Vedānta of Śaṅkara Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Avidyā: Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Viṣiṣṭādvaita Vedānta Download PDF
Chapter  26:  An overview of classical Yoga philosophy as a philosophy of embodied self-awareness Download PDF
Chapter  27:  A reassessment of classical Yoga philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Indian Yogācāra Buddhism: Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Early Mahāyāna Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Abhidharma  Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Nāgārjuna Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Nāgārjuna’s early Madhyamaka: Download PDF
Chapter  33:  A spectrum of metaphysical positions concerning the existence or non-existence of a self: Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Svātantrika Madhyamaka metaphysics: Download PDF
Chapter  35:  The two truths in Madhyamaka: Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Vajrayāna Buddhism Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Hermeneutics: Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Basic Jaina epistemology Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Anekāntavāda, Nayavāda, and Syādvāda: Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Jaina ethics and moral philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Tantra and Kashmiri Śaivism Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Looking beyond the DarŚanas: Download PDF
Chapter  43:  The epistemology of classical Hindu law  Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Abhinavagupta Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Cognition and language: Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Alaṃ kārkaŚāstra as a philosophical discipline Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Indian philosophy of music Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Islamic modernism in India Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Gur-Sikh dharam  Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Buddhist ethics  Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Process Buddhism: Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Indian and European philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Modern philosophy in India Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Gandhi’s truth: Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Understanding Indian philosophical traditions Download PDF
Chapter  56:  G. R. Malkani Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Postmodern approaches Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Philosophy in an age of postcolonialism  Download PDF
Glossary Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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