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The Occult World

Edited by: Christopher Partridge

Print publication date:  December  2014
Online publication date:  December  2014

Print ISBN: 9780415695961
eBook ISBN: 9781315745916
Adobe ISBN: 9781317596769

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Book description

This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult. It explores the history of Western occultism, from ancient and medieval sources via the Renaissance, right up to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contemporary occultism. Written by a distinguished team of contributors, the essays consider key figures, beliefs and practices as well as popular culture.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Ancient Esoteric Traditions Download PDF
Chapter  3:  The Occult Middle Ages Download PDF
Chapter  4:  The Hermetic Revival in Italy Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Alchemical Hermeticism Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Paracelsus Download PDF
Chapter  8:  John Dee Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Jacob Böhme and Christian Theosophy Download PDF
Chapter  10:  The Rosicrucian Manifestos And Early Rosicrucianism Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Emanuel Swedenborg Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Freemasonry Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Illuminism Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Martinism in Eighteenth-Century France Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Animal Magnetism and Mesmerism Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Spiritualism Download PDF
Chapter  17:  New Thought Traditions Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Eliphas Lévi Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Paschal Beverly Randolph Download PDF
Chapter  20:  William Wynn Westcott Download PDF
Chapter  21:  The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Samuel Liddell Mathers Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Theosophy Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Frederic W. H. Myers Download PDF
Chapter  25:  The Society for Psychical Research Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Ordo Templi Orientis Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Arthur Edward Waite Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Charles Fort Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Aleister Crowley Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Austin Osman Spare Download PDF
Chapter  31:  René Guénon and Traditionalism Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Dion Fortune and the Society of the Inner Light Download PDF
Chapter  33:  John Whiteside Parsons Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Robert Anton Wilson Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Nazism and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  37:  The Theosophical Current in the Twentieth Century Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Contemporary Paganism and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  39:  New Age Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Contemporary Ritual Magic Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Contemporary Satanism Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Chaos Magick Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Vampirism, Lycanthropy, and Otherkin Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Hakim Bey Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The Occult and the Visual Arts Download PDF
Chapter  46:  The Occult and Film Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Kenneth Anger Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Dennis Wheatley Download PDF
Chapter  49:  The Occult and Modern Horror Fiction Download PDF
Chapter  50:  The Occult and Science Fiction/Fantasy Download PDF
Chapter  51:  H.P. Lovecraft Download PDF
Chapter  52:  The Occult and Comics Download PDF
Chapter  53:  The Occult and Popular Music Download PDF
Chapter  54:  The Occult on the Internet Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Kabbalah Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Alchemy Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Sex Magic Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Tarot Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Scrying Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Astrology Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Grimoires Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Orientalism and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Occult War Download PDF
Chapter  64:  The Counterculture and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Intermediary Beings Download PDF
Chapter  66:  The Body in Occult Thought Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Drugs and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Gender and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Crime, Moral Panic, and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Conspiracy Theories and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Science and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Sociology and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Psychology and the Occult Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Opposition to the Occult Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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